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Why did we create Do-How-Books?

Transfering Learning in to the Job is a key success factor for personal and professional development today. Our current VUCA and fast-changing environment demands adapting to and Applying more effective Mindsets and Behaviours in every day job. We have condensed helpful Mindset and effective Behaviour in our Do-How-Books.

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Take your learning to the next level. Learn whenever you want, anywhere you want.

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Use our Do-How-Books on any digital device, smartphone or desktop.

And, if you prefer to learn with a book, paper and pen, Do-How-Books allow that, too. ;-)

Key Know-How and
Do-How in one place

With our Do-How-Books you get access to relevant key insights and competencies of today and for the future.

Relevant Experience and Tools are summarised to learn focused and time-efficient.

You can apply and try proven Do-How Resources immediately in your own situations - at your own need and pace.

The most recent science and practical experience is available at your fingertip.

Personal Growth
in your Hands

Digital and on paper - guided and structured - preselected and summarized - short and practical ...

Self-Directed Learning at a new level.

Don't wait for the next training or coaching.

Start using it now step by step ... and access anytime you have a problem or search for a method, tool or process.

What Learning Elements
Help you Grow your Do-How?

A mix of different learning elements and steps designed to increase your understanding and - most importantly help you do and apply immediately in a short time (1-5 minutes)
Videos - Self Checks - Quotes - Fill-In - Games - Do-How Tipps & Tools

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What Mindset and Behaviours do you want to develop further to master your current leadership & job challenges?


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